Of Jesters and witches

Looking for a gift ? The DVD is available with english and french subtitles. It played 11 weeks in movie theaters in southern Germany. (The version on the DVD is from March 2015, 115 minutes, as shown in Bad Waldsee).

Special only online direkt from the director on the 2nd DVD until ash Wednesday
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It is fascinating to see the emotions brought forth by Fastnacht. For some it is the most wonderful time of the year while others have an almost allergic reaction to it. But what is the reason for this? This ethnological documentary gives insight and promotes discussions about the true meaning of Fastnacht. The french canadian director sheds new light on an old swabian alemannic tradition. Not only fastnacht enthusiasts but even more so, those who want to know what fastnacht is will appreciate this film.

"This Documentary fits perfectly with our efforts to have the swabian alemannic recognized as UNESCO Immaterial cultural heritage" says Jürgen Hohl. Adding: This film is much more than a mere description of fastnacht, it is a time capsule.

Comment from spectator:
"I was profoundly impressed, the film reflects the spirit and addresses the issues raised by fastnacht. The film is suited for every audience."
Rainer Domfelt, President of the ortenauer Narrenbund

DVD: Dvds with french and english subtitles format PAL Zone 0 (zone Free)

Should you be interested in presenting the film (in german, french or english) please write me an E-mail. The film is available in the DCP format for cinemas.

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