Elena Lee Pioneer Gallerist (Elena Lee Galeriste Phare)
Portrait - documentary 40 minutes
Director: Danièle Bellemare Lee
Camera: Danièle Bellemare Lee, Mark Lee
Extra pictures: Marc-Antoine Reid, Olivier Colpin, Mireille Ayotte, Janne Reuss, Eric Blouin, Marie-Ève Drolet et Caroline Rivest
Editing: Danièle Bellemare Lee. Music: Sylvie Payette
With: Elena Lee-Galerist, Joanne Guimond-Director Galerie Elena Lee 1989-2004, Diana Walton
Director Galerie Elena Lee 2010-2014
Artists: Patrick Primeau, Annie Cantin, Caroline Ouellette, Maryse Chartrand, Sébastien Duchange, Carole Frève, Montserrat Duran Muntadas, David Frigon-Lavoie and featuring the works of 30 artists including Daniel Crichton and François Houdé.

Von Narren und Hexen  ... (Of Jesters and Witches ...)
Ethnological documentary - 2014 - Duration: 108'
Regie: Danièle Bellemare Lee, Assistant: Mark Lee.
Camera: Danièle Bellemare Lee and Mark Lee.
Editing: Danièle Bellemare Lee. Music: Nancy Carney, Sylvie Payette, Johannes Kayser and Thomas Frick.
With: Jürgen Hohl (Expert), Andreas Reutter, Klaus Müller †, Maria Hipp †, Martin Hipp, Christoph Stehle, Rudolph Hämmerle, Markus Würstle, Andreas Bachmann.


Von Ort zu Ort - Robert Schad (From place to place)
Documentary 2019
Exhibit by Robert Schad - Städtische Galerie Fähre Bad Saulgau
July 6th - September 1st 2019
The film was also presented during Gallery crawl in Ravensburg and in the exhibit artgerechteHALTUNG.

Exhibit Markus Meyer with a portrait film from Danièle Bellemare Lee about him and his work.
July 3rd 2017 - August 7th 2017
Volkbank in Ravensburg, Marienplatz 36

Comme une étrangère (Uprooted Home)
Art film - 2012 - Duration : 11"
Director : Danièle Bellemare Lee.
Concept: Danièle Bellemare Lee and Janne Reuss.
Text : Danièle Bellemare Lee. Singer: Anne Guilbault.
Music: Anne Guilbault and Nancy Carney.
Arrangement : Rémi Morissette

Burn out 
Art film - 2012 - Duration : 4' -
Director: Danièle Bellemare Lee et Susanne Allgaier.
Voice and original music: Anne Guilbault and Lucie Moisan.

Motion Painting concepts
Exhibit: "In Beziehung treten" (establishing relationships)
Maria Niermann-Schubert and Danièle Bellemare Lee
Painting and video
September 20th - November 22nd 2012 - Justitia-Kunstverein-Landgericht Ravensburg.

Danièle Bellemare Lee brings acrylic paintings of Maria Niermann-Schubert to life. She sheds a different light onto Maria's work, she takes the painting's symbolic figures, and creates video clips. Both works become interdependent and co-exist, completing each other. These videos are called "Motion painting", because a single painting is the main actor of each individual clip.

The "Motion painting" series is composed of four clips:

  • 1. Craving for happiness
    is based on the painting "Suche nach dem Glück" ("searching for happiness"). 2'33

  • 2. Chaos and coziness
    is based on the painting "Doppelrolle" ("double role"). The music for this video is composed and interpreted by Anne Guilbault and with the participation of Lucie Moisan. 5'11

  • 3. One's missing
    is based on the painting "Eine fehlt" ("one is missing") The music is an improvisation by Nancy Carney and Anne Guilbault 5'11

  • 4. Life
    is based on the painting "Immer wieder Frauen" ("women, again and again"). The music is performed by Nancy carney and arranged by Rémi Morissette. 4'26

Special projects and short films

Schau genau! Kunst und Natur
Documentary - 2012 - Duration: 21" 17'
Danièle Bellemare Lee
Project selected and financed by Stiftung Ravensburger Verlag.

Unter Wasser Welten
Documentary - 2011 - Duration: 46' - Danièle Bellemare Lee.
Project selected and financed by Stiftung Ravensburger Verlag.

Le Retour 
Interview - 2011 - Durée : 14′30″ - Réalisation : Danièle Bellemare Lee.