Documentary: Exploring Canadien Studio Glass

Art glass is often associated with Murano glass or stained glass. In Canada, starting in the mid seventies, the art of Glass making begins an evolution towards contemporary art. Many Canadian artists are inspired by winter landscapes and develop a strong bond with nature. Daniel Crichton, a master of classic glass art is one of the pioneers of this evolution while Francois Houd√has given the movement a whole new direction. However this art-form would not be what it is today, without the artists, the glass schools and the great contribution of Elena Lee, who has systematically encouraged the next generations to go beyond the beaten path. A strong and passionate woman, she has devoted her life to the artists and "Galerie Elena Lee" which now Exists since more than 40 years in Montreal. The gallerist introduces us to the history of Canadian art glass and to the techniques used by Canadian and international glass artists. Patrick Primeau and Annie Cantin welcome us into glass studios to discover their artistic process.

teaser: 38 secondes
trailer: 2:09 Minutes